ACS Calvert School Raises Funds for La Senda Verde

ACS Calvert School Raises Funds for La Senda Verde
ACS Calvert School Raises Funds for La Senda Verde

As part of their GIN Project (Global Issues Network), school students from ACS Calvert School in La Paz Bolivia, proposed different initiatives to raise funds for La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary. Each class had the opportunity to develop different activities to fund raise and create awareness around wildlife trafficking and biodiversity loss in Bolivia.

The GIN is a project in which students from 7th to 12th grade get involved in activities related to their local and global community. This year the GIN was divided in three sections. The first one was called Carbon Cutters and was focused on creating consciousness on carbon emissions around the local population, offering ways to reduce them. The second is the BIO Guardians project, which is focused on reducing biodiversity loss and creating consciousness around wildlife trafficking, work that is carried alongside La Senda Verde. Finally the Guild Against Poverty program, that seeks to educate about education disparity in Bolivia and support local vulnerable populations.

You can read more about the GIN program in their web page following this link.

Following a request from Vicky Ossio, Senda Verde’s co-founder, elementary grade kids also took part in awareness and fundraising activities for La Senda Verde, during the months of March, April and May of 2017. Kids carried out many different activities including the sale of shopping bags with Senda Verde artwork in them to replace plastic bags.

La Senda Verde would like to thank Mrs Pato Meyer of second grade and the other teachers who organised the different fundraising activities in which they gathered 10,000bs ($1,457 usd). Also we would like to thank the school’s principal for approving the initiative.



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