Art auction will take place to support La Senda Verde

Art auction will take place to support La Senda Verde
Art auction will take place to support La Senda Verde

Past Friday 19th of October, in the middle of the night, a strong river rush filled with sticks, sand and stones blocked the main water course of the Coroico river, just at the height of La Senda Verde, and all the water entered the animal refuge, destroying the bridge and part of the animal enclosures, amongst them the Tapir enclosure.

Thanks to the prompt reaction of volunteers and personnel, no animal was harmed. However, we did suffer material damages and it will be necessary to invest many resources to make sure this will never happen again. Since the moment the emergency happened, the reaction of the Senda Verde support community has been astonishing. They did not delay in sending support messages and donations, as well as a variety of fundraising ideas and proposals.

One of them is the artistic auction that will take place in La Paz, where artists from the region will support LSV by donating one or more of their artwork pieces and these will be auctioned during the event.

This event is part of a fundraising campaign we are forced to begin that will continue as a project to build defensive walls and to improve the water course to prevent tragedies like this one from happening again. Be attentive to the details of this campaign.

We would like to thank once again all the persons that have reacted so promptly and have given their support to La Senda Verde in face of the current tragedy. Without you our efforts wouldn’t be possible.

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