Cubai the Jaguar is Released

Cubai the Jaguar is Released
Cubai the Jaguar is Released

The 15-year old male Jaguar recently received by Senda Verde was released into his large enclosure which is just being finished.

Two months after we received Cubai, we have finished his large 10 by 8 meter enclosure, in an area full of trees and vegetation. It was a race against time for this large cat was in much need of large space, and was staying ’till then in the small management cage we had built days prior to his arrival.

The funds for the Jaguar enclosure were not fully gathered. We have had to use the materials we had bought for the Margay enclosure and borrow them to finish Cubai’s, since his was more urgent.

His release was not easy, Cubai hesitated for a while, with fear of what his new space may bring him. With time he began exploring and marking his new territory, as a male cat should do.

We would like to dearly thank everyone that has donated to Cubai’s enclosure, thanks to you this magnificent fellow will now have the best in the years to come.

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