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Mission (The life of the organization)

The future is uncertain. The planet, our only home, is under assault like never before. Humans are the greatest threat to the natural worlds. Wild animals are innocent victims of illegal trafficking, cruelty and habitat destruction. Only one out of ten survives.


Our mission is to save and shelter wild animals rescued from cruelty and suffering, and inspire people to protect wildlife.



Lead conservation strategies, actions and ideologies in favor of conservation of species and the natural world.

Volcan and Exalto


Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy

Both are impassioned conservationists that have always loved and cared about animals and nature. They are truly devoted, compassionate and proactive activists whose main interest is the well-being of animals. They respect all living beings and think that animals have rich personal lives and can help us learn about our place in this complex and inspiring world.  Committed to conservation, animal welfare and education, Vicky and Marcelo dedicate their lives to the animals that arrive at the refuge, loving and caring them.


Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary

“The Story of La Senda Verde (LSV) is a tribute to all those wonderful animals that have enriched and changed our lives”.     

La Senda Verde (“green path”) was established in 2003 in the subtropical region east side of the Bolivian Andes in South America. In a country where government, authorities and decision makers move too slowly, and where the citizens need to be inspired and educated in the value of the living forest, they founders, Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy knew it was urgent and necessary to contribute to conservation of flora and fauna by taking hands-on action. They founded a private animal refuge approved by the Bolivian Government; and with this undertook an amazing lifelong journey and commitment to this cause.

In 2015, LSV formed a USA non-profit  organization (based in Florida) recognized as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  This was a huge step as it assures foundations and other grant-making institutions that they are issuing donations or sponsorships to a registered beneficiary, strengthening LSV’s mission and increasing its long-term economic viability.

Over the past ten years, illegal animal trafficking and deforestation have drastically increased in Bolivia.  Wildlife crime encompasses wildlife trafficking and deforestation, amongst other illegal practices.  After trafficking in arms, drugs and people, wildlife crime is the 3rd most lucrative crime in the world.  As a result of this, the animal population at LSV has more than quadrupled in the past five years.  LSV is now a refuge to more than 800 rescued animals and 60 species.

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Swing Mangia Swing! Photo by Tracy Buyce @ National Geographic Your Shot

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