Outstanding donors

We would like to thank Camdyn , a 10Ocelote - Cat Stevens year-old boy from Walkersville, Maryland, USA for sponsoring our baby ocelot. His name is Cat Stevens. He was named by Derrick Meyer, Camdyn’s uncle. Thanks to Derrick’s contribution, we were able to pay for Cat Stevens’ xrays and sonograms and we started his treatment for a fracture that occured a month before we rescued him and took him to La Senda Verde. Thank you Camdyn!

BIRD AVIARY CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN 2014 and 2015 we hope to build a huge 45m long aviary to give a better life to more than 100 birds rescued from mistreatment.

A total of 4765AUD was raised online and 440USD in the refuge.

A massive thank you to the following people who have got our project off to a great start with their kind contributions!

Benedict Noel, Jessica Zich, Leanne Copp & George Solti, Nicola Forde, Thomas Maurer, Milenka Saavedra, Bev Ernst, Ann Geoghegan, MJ Hughie-Williams, Eden Winnacott, Petra Gerritzma, Linda Radclyffe, Emily van Galen, Sophie and Ben Dyer, Sveva Antonini, John Draves, Doug & April Pott, Stefan Spiegel,Anneke Vedelaar, Margaux Bounine-Cabal, Luisa Lombardo, Maxine Lister, Wilhelmina Kraal, Celina Ernst, Angela Knight, Ben Nelson, Sorcha Anglim, Tracey Taylor, Jasmine Peters, Maya Peters, Chase Peters, Callum Peters, Rosemary Jones, Justin Kennedy, Alexandra Vaughan, Selina Campbell, Robert MacInnis, Genevieve Abedon, Laura Furlong, Sarah Fehr, Mia Kruse, Laurin Pacheco, Stavros Constantinou, Danny Nicholson, Jess and Sally Young, Lauren Ford, Tyler Rowe, Søren Kærlyst, Henrik Hansson, Daniel Skarby, Diego Pardovalle, Russel Guy and Genevieve Genevieve Dugal-Boucher

Thank you Selva for your continued support towards the animals and donation of $10,000USD for the new Bird Aviary. The Selva foundation was established in Holland by ex volunteers: Anneke Vedelaar, Thijs Glass, Sebas Eliens, Miranda Silvius and Zora Jurriens.

PETRA – Ex-Volunteer
Thank you Petra for all your help at the refuge and your continued support after. Petra donated 600Euro that was raised through her local Bird Club. Thank you for your efforts we are now one step closer to making the project a reality.

JOE ROGERS – Ex Volunteer
Thank you Joe for your hard work at the refuge, continued support and very generous donation of 500Euro towards the new Boa Enclosure. The new tenants have now moved in!!

Thank you to the Oliver’s Pub and Gravity Assisted Bike Riding for organizing and hosting our first fundraiser Poker Night. The night was a success with a total of Bs1900 raised for the Bird Aviary. Thank you for your generosity and time.


We would very much like to thank Henrik Hansson from Denmark for donating the Bird Aviary Supporters Plaque. This will be hung from the main entrance of the aviary in thanks of our donators during our Aviary Campaign.