LSV Media Producer Signup


STEP 1 –  Program Sign-up

Sign up to one of the volunteering programs at LSV, either the Rotational (short term) or Care Bear (long term) program. LSV Media Producer is a badge that is earned that requires additional work to the fulfilment of all duties in the regular volunteering programs. Check the “LSV Media Producer” box in the volunteer enquiry formulaire after carefully reading the information about the volunteering program of your choice.


STEP 2 – Badge Sign-up & Profile

Once you have been successfully approved and assigned a date for your volunteering program you may sign up to the LSV Media Producer badge. This is so we can create a profile of you on the website and coordinate with the main media producer to determine which projects you can work on. Sign-up by filling the LSV Media Producer formulaire found at the bottom of this page and please provide the following:

  • A good quality image of yourself where we can see your face for your main profile photo.
  • A short bio about yourself of minimum 200 and maximum 400 words.
  • A CV with your formation, experience, awards and achievements (specific formation or experience is not required).


STEP 3 – Pre-production

Once you have filled out the formulaire you will be contacted by the Main Media Coordinator, Julian Peñaranda, to proceed with the pre-production fase of your work. Depending on your specific interest and the current needs of images or videos you will be suggested to work on the different ongoing projects. Once a specific project has been traced by you and the team, you will be ready to enter the refuge where you will be able to develop the production project.


STEP 4 – Production

Whilst volunteering at the animal refuge you will find spaces of time when you can record and develop the media project. Staff in the refuge shall facilitate anything that may be required to fulfill the project, like access to specific places and animals.


STEP 5 – Post-production

This is the time after you finish your volunteering time in the animal refuge. During this time you must edit and send the finished media produced by you. You may be assisted by the main media coordinator if you desire so. Once you successfully send your materials you are oficially granted the LSV Media Producer Badge, a publication about you is made our social media and you begin to be shown in the website hall of fame as a badge bearer.