Services Exchange


There is so much to do at LSV that besides taking care of the animals! We need people with expertise in different fields like cooking, gardening, construction and more.

This is a program designed to help LSV grow. In exchange for your services we offer you food and accommodation.

Note: This program is limited to a few volunteers, which we will choose carefully, and does not involve working with the animals.

Minimum stay: 2 weeks

Important Rules

Commitment to respect of project and community

It is extremely important to be aware that La Senda Verde (LSV) is a responsible conservation project. The good relationship between LSV and the surrounding towns and communities has been built through hard work and trust, it is however a delicate relationship that must not be abused.

If you wish to partake in the volunteer program you agree and understand that you are representing LSV at all times and will behave in a responsible manner. This includes NOT drinking in excess and refraining from use or solicitation of any form of drug. You will take this into account when conducting yourself at all times on the premises of LSV and in the surrounding towns and communities. LSV is not a place to rave! Chill out areas are made available for your use and are to be used responsibly. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol onto the property; it can be purchased at the sanctuary’s restaurant at a discounted rate and consumed in designated areas. To keep the tranquillity of the refuge for the animals, which are recuperating and are our first priority, there is a strict 7.30pm lock out in order not to disturb and to respect the sleeping animals. You are free to move within the refuge quietly. Volunteers found to be abusing the guidelines will be asked to leave.

Qualifications and Requisites

Qualifications and Requisites

  • Volunteers need to be hardworking, trustworthy, and be helpful, not a burden.
  • Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Motivation, punctuality, reliability and enthusiasm are essential.
Program General Information

This program will be designed according to the volunteer’s capabilities and the current needs. Work may be divided between projects and duties needed. The duties may include:

  • Cooking for volunteers and tourists.
  • Helping with the cleansing of lodge facilities and linen.
  • Attending tourists and the gift shop.
  • Guiding tours
  • Cleaning and organising the Animal Clinic and Food Preparation Room.
  • Carrying deliveries.
  • Cleaning volunteer areas i.e.: Cabins, dining area, volunteer headquarters.

Besides the required duties, volunteers in this program are asked to propose and commit to specific projects for the improvement of LSV. These may include:

  • Construction of new enclosures.
  • Construction and maintenance of structures and facilities.
  • Setting up gardens

Daily Schedule

We ask Volunteers to stay for at least 2 weeks, working 7:30am to 5:30pm every day with plenty of breaks in between. Volunteers staying longer can take 1 day off/ week to relax, enjoy local hikes and rivers near the property, or visit some attractive tourist sites in Coroico.

07:30am – Meet at volunteer headquarters to be debriefed about the days tasks and animal’s needs. Enjoy a quick tea or coffee.
08:00am – First tasks and duties
09:00am – Volunteers breakfast is served with fruit juice and fresh bread in El Tenedor Restaurante. Each volunteer must wash their used dishes. Assigned volunteer for the day will clean area after meal.
10:00am – Other tasks and duties
12:00pm to 13:30pm – Work on projects
13:30pm – Volunteers lunch is served with lemonade. Each volunteer must wash their used dishes. Assigned volunteer for the day will clean area after meal.
14:00pm to 17:30pm – Assist tourists and guests of the refuge. Work on special projects.
17:30pm to 19:30pm – Free time
19:30pm – Volunteer Dinner is served. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to watch movies, study animal profiles or just socialize with staff, tourists, and other volunteers. This is time to relax and get ready to give 100% for the next day.


Volunteers are accommodated in the Volunteer House across the river, near the quarantine area, and the Bungalow, cozy wooden shared cabins. Hot showers, laundry facilities, sheets, volunteer keeper’s shirt and towels are provided. Volunteers have to make a refundable deposit of USD 100 or Bs 700 for the following items that will have to be returned the day they leave: volunteer shirt, towel, bedding, room keys and others. Upon request private accommodation can be organized in the Eco-Lodge at discounted rate for volunteers.


La Senda Verde is situated at 1,200 meters above sea level, with 2 seasons, wet (November-March) and dry (April-October). Coroico, the local town has a placid weather with nice sunny, warm days and temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees centigrade. You are welcome to swim in our natural river pools. Some nights are slightly cooler, enough to wear a light jacket. You’ll need a waterproof jacket (wet season) and solid hiking boots during your time here.


Although speaking Spanish is not a must, we encourage people to try to learn some. Bear in mind that almost all of our staff is Bolivian and that making an effort will go a long way to gaining their trust.

WIFI and Phone Connection

-Phone connection is very poor. If you have your own device with sim card, you need to get it from Entel.

-We have internet signal, but no wifi. The service we have is extremely expensive, and slow. We have internet connected in one computer. We charge BOB 10 per hour, BOB 2,50 every 15 minutes.

If you have your own hand held device with sim card, you can sometimes receive enough connection to download emails and send emails from the parking area. You will however not receive enough signal to check Facebook or browse the web. We find the ENTEL phone company gives the best signal in that area. Most volunteers visit the internet cafe in Coroico once per week to communicate with friends and family. Coroico is located 20 minute taxi ride away and costs 40,-BOB each way. Taxi pick up can be organized in the reception area of the refuge, please allow up to one hour for the taxi to arrive.

What to bring

  • Working clothes, preferably long pants (you will be working with animals, and you will get dirty). LSV will provide you with a lightweight long sleeve volunteer shirt. It’s a good idea to bring a t-shirt or singlet top to wear underneath, as you will need to remove the volunteer shirt during meal times.
  • Bug repellent that does not contain DEET due to the close proximity to the animals
  • Flashlight
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Rubber boots if you are coming during the rainy season (December-March)
  • Rain poncho or jacket.
  • Padlock
  • 1 x Rubber Gloves and 1 x hardware gloves
  • Prescribed medication and for the ladies feminine hygiene products as it is most likely you won’t find them in the local town.
  • Small personal first aid kit that includes pain relief for minor aches and pains, antihistamine tablets for bug bites and diarrhea medication for upset stomachs.
  • We also request volunteers to have a look at our “wish list”link to see if they would like to donate any items to the refuge on their arrival.

Animal Vaccinations

All of our animals have had their vaccinations under veterinarian control, thus rabies is not a problem. The larger problem we have is our animals becoming sick from Tourists and Volunteers, so please advise us if you are feeling ill.

AntiParasitic Medication

On arrival all volunteers are required to take a de-worming tablet. This will rid your body of any parasites that may be living happily in your body but can be life threatening especially to the monkeys that live at the refuge. The cost is Bs60 approx. and the Veterinary staff will administer this. The medication used is called NOXOM 500mg made by INTI. For the safety of the animals you must be willing to take this medication in order to volunteer.


Vaccinations are a personal choice and we do recommend you consult your doctor before traveling to Bolivia or working with animals. The refuge is located in a mosquito free zone and malaria is not present. It’s a good idea to be up to date with your tetanus, hepatitis, and typhoid shots. Some nationalities require a yellow fever vaccination card for entering or exiting the country. Sand flies are present at the refuge and you will need to dress appropriately covering exposed skin to avoid being bitten.


Bolivia is a relatively safe country for travellers. However it is recommended to be cautious and remain aware of your surroundings and your belongings. La Senda Verde is especially safe, but once again please keep your valuables in a safe place and your cabin door locked. Please do not leave clothes drying by the river on the rocks unattended. Your property is your own responsibility and the refuge will not be held responsible for it.


The closest airport when travelling to Senda Verde Animal Refuge, is El Alto International Airport (LPB). It is the main international airport that handles all flight traffic to and from La Paz, Bolivia. El Alto International Airport is located 13km south west of La Paz, La Paz Department, Bolivia.

Private Transfers

Private transfers can be organised from the El Alto Airport (LPB) or the La Paz City Centre to Senda Verde Animal Refuge & Eco-Lodge in the Yungas region. Cost: Bs 450 ($65USD approx.) each way. Mini-van seats up 7 people. Duration from Airport to Refuge: 3 hours approx. Duration from La Paz City Centre to Refuge: 2.5 hours approx.

***If you require this service please be sure to book your transfer in advance to your visit.

Exchange and Policies

EXCHANGE: Volunteers are required to reserve their place 10 days  in advance to commencing the 14 day minimum program and arriving at the refuge to secure their place on this program. In exchange for their work volunteers will be provided with housing and food.



  • Beer, soft drinks, ice creams and desserts are not included, but can be purchased at a discounted price in the restaurant.
  • Volunteers pay travel and visa expenses.


Included in the cost of volunteering are three meals per day.

  • Breakfast dish served with fresh fruit juice, bread, jam and butter
  • Lunch meal served with lemonade
  • Dinner meal, you will need to provide your own refreshment. The kitchen is able to provide meals for vegetarian and vegan diets. Please consult kitchen on arrival as to your dietary needs.