Wildfire Relief

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Bolivia is currently facing the biggest wildlife crisis in its history. 8 out of 22 protected areas are currently on fire. The fires have ravaged more than 1.7 million hectares (4.3 million hectares) of land and rising, according to Bolivian officials.

These fires are leaving blackened trees and ash-covered forest floors in their wake. Officials are finding charred animals on their devastated lands, while others are desperately searching for food and water. These fires are destroying the homes of Indigenous tribes, darkening the skies over major cities, and perpetuating the largest period of species extinction in the last 60 million years

Burnt areas to august 2019 (in red).

Effects of the fires, Bolivia 2019. All images by Juan Pablo Ampudia


Cease all fires, rehabilitate all surviving wildlife, and take initiative towards the restoration of the Amazonian rainforest and Bolivian forests.



Relief Team’s initial travel to La Senda Verde in Bolivia. Assess damages and formulate a plan of action in conversation with the local community for restoration and rehabilitation projects that will launch in Phase 2.


Full Team Travels to La Senda Verde to collectively implement restoration of the forest and natural ecosystems, rehabilitation of the animals, community, and organization, and delivery of food and water supplies for all surviving wildlife.


La Senda Verde's Founders

Vicki & Husband Marcelo Levy are impassioned conservationists that have always loved and cared about animals and nature. They are truly devoted, compassionate and proactive activists whose main interest is the well-being of animals and natural lands. They respect all living beings and think that animals can enrich our personal lives and help us learn about our place in this complex and inspiring world. Committed to conservation, animal welfare, and education, Vicky and Marcelo dedicate their lives to the animals that arrive at the refuge, loving and caring for each of them.

Nina Py Brozovich - 15 years old

Founder of Future for Fridays Bolivia- Organized several protests of over 150 local youth demanding the authorities to address the climate crisis.
President of “Council for Life” Bolivia- Lead students working to preserve their relationship with the planet.
United Nations Youth Summit Nominee- Awarded an all-expense trip to the 2019 UNGA to work with Greta Thunberg.
Volunteer at La Senda Verde- Years working with the animals of the Amazon and mentored by Vicki.

Read Nina's Story

My name is Nina. At a very young age, I felt a deep bond with Mother Nature. I know I must act. My country, Bolivia is far behind in its efforts, awareness, and participation in the survival of our planet. I was elected President at school with the goal of leading a team and the students to become a “model school” in Bolivia for sustainability. In 2019, I founded “Friday’s for Future Bolivia ”. I took on this leadership role in an effort to inspire the people of Bolivia to join the climate change movement. If need be, I am determined to move mountains. The destruction of our planet, our home, has changed my life and has directed my path. I will motivate and inspire the youth of Bolivia to get involved. The only way to address the climate crisis is to unite. We must come together to heal the planet. If we choose to not take action, the existence of every single living thing on this planet will be threatened including human life. My purpose is the future of our planet. I must get involved to give future generations a chance to feel and experience nature, wildlife and the beauty of our world. We must unite and heal our home. Will you join me?

As I sit here, I’m witnessing my home completely in flames, my future is being taken away from me with each tree and animal that burns, and no one is doing enough to save it


The Wildfire Relief Team will support La Senda Verde with the implementation of the plan-of-action: Cease Fires, Rehabilitate and Restore, Preserve. This passionate consulting team consists of specialized experts in wildfire ecology, compassionate construction and planning, conservation and development design, fundraising, cultural and community organization, amongst other skills and expertise.

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