Jaguar enclosure

Jaguar enclosure
Jaguar enclosure

Cubai is a 15 year old male Jaguar that was living at the La Paz Zoo and was not having a good time with the weather and the high altitude. He needs a new, lower place to live in. Senda Verde has the right weather, but not the right space. We need to urgently construct one and we need you for that.

Total funds required: $19,990 USD
Total funds required: $19,990 USD



The Story

Cubai is a 15 year old Jaguar that three months ago was relocated from a private property in the Yungas region to the La Paz Zoo. The animal was in good hands, but his advanced age mixed with the cold weather and the high altitude of La Paz, are beginning to affect his health, he needs a lower place to live in.

The authorities have asked Senda Verde if we could receive him. In face of the urgency we have decided to receive him and make him part of our family. Cubai arrived on the 20th of November is being kept in a temporary enclosure, and sadly we wont be able to build a proper enclosure for him until we gather the whole funds.

We are sure that with your help we will be able to achieve our goal and make Cubai’s good future a reality. The place where we will build his enclosure is quiet, has a lot of trees, vegetation and a nearby river.

Thanks to the support of many very generous people, Senda Verde has become one of the most respected wildlife refuges in Bolivia and in the World, and that couldn’t be possible without your contributions.

Cubai is lucky to have found a permanent, proper home; but he as well as the rest of the animals, don’t belong in refuges. It wont be until we can create the proper laws against wildlife trade and educate our people about the need to respect life, that animals like Cubai will continue to be victims of careless human deeds.

Where he was

This is Cubai at La Paz Zoo.


The project

First we will build a management cage with dimensions of 3 x 10 x 3 meters, with a pool 1,20 x 6 and 1 meter deep. After that we will build the rest of the enclosure, which should be 10 x 18 meters and x 7 meters high. Next to the aviary, it is one of the most expensive enclosures. Being south america’s largest cat, jaguars demand a lot of space.


The new enclosure



Size: L) 18m W) 10m H) 7m

Budget: $19,990

Raised: $8,659





Project advancement

These are images of the management cage while it was being constructed and the transportation kennel used to take him from La Paz Zoo to La Senda Verde.

Latest update

Cubai arrived well and tired to Senda Verde. He is now in the management cage awaiting to gather the funds to build the rest of the enclosure.






♥ Lora $25 – Suerte para Cubai!

♥ Matthew Dixon $100 – Happy new year to all at LSV

♥ Shirley Burt $50 – Hi Vicky and Marcelo, A small contribution towards your goal. Good luck! Best wishes, Shirley Burt

♥ Belén Lorente  $50 – Vicky y Marcelo muchas gracias por todo lo que hacéis por los animales, mucho animo. Espero veros en 2018

♥ Anonymous $100 – Merry Christmas on behalf of Joseph (Jake) Dury

♥ Ismael, Brenda and Xander Maldonado $250 – Wishing a very merry Christmas to Jake and to Cubai!

♥ P. Kersten $50 – A merry Christmas to you all and all good wishes for Cubai

♥ Shaun Tully – I thoroughly enjoyed staying the night in the tree house and would recommend it to anyone. It’s clear to see that the animals come first so that combined with the uphill struggle to make ends meet made this an easy decision to support you.

♥ ACS Calvert School Second Graders – $2,046

♥ Thomas Turner  $25

♥ Lauren Ford $500 

♥ Chavez Leon Patricia Monica  $14

♥ Maria Delma Garabito Delgado $14 

♥ Carmen Elena Zamora Ramirez – $14

♥ ACS Calvert School Second Graders – $2,046

♥ Micaela Giancotti  $50 

♥ Leela Voss $115 – Happy Christmas! Especially to little Nutela

♥ Anonymous $60 – Fuerza! Y mucho éxito en este camino de la conservación ambiental. No duden nunca que su trabajo es reconocido y valorado!

♥ Viviana Paz $50 

♥ Lucia Cuellar  $30 – Gracias por su dedicación!

♥ Kane Morris  $25

♥ Iris Gilligan $35 – In appreciation of Poche Ponce’s musical gifts, talents and fun to AEG group by new fans of him and your organization’s mission.

♥ Anonymous $50

♥ Stuart Kennaby  $11

♥ Sénan Dunleavy $20

♥ Arianna Soma  $50

♥ Adolfo Terrazas $73

♥ Rodolfo y Cecilia Castillo $500

♥ Fundación Kantutani $877

♥ Iris Gilligan $35

♥ Pablo Torres $50

♥ Nick Greally $25 

♥ Maria Terrazas  $250 –  Gracias por el trabajo que hacen!!

♥ John Walesa $50

♥ Sarah Tulicki $25

♥ Sarah Stead $50 – What an amazing home Cubai is heading to, the work you guys are doing is so incredible. I hope this helps in some way at least 🙂 Sarah

♥ Jon Derksen $50

♥ Fundación Kantutani $500

♥ Mary Rankin $1500

♥ Mediterranean Shipping Company Bolivia $760