Journey to the Heart of the Earth

Journey to the Heart of the Earth
Journey to the Heart of the Earth

La Senda Verde along with Native Journey have come together to organize a unique travel package that takes you to the most remote corners of the Andes and the Amazon.

August will be a month when Julian Katari, Senda Verde’s project designer, community manager and Native Journey’s creator, needs to come to Bolivia to develop a special signage project for La Senda Verde. As a way to partially finance and to develop the project along with volunteers, Julian has come up with the special travel package “Journey to the Heart of the Earth”

A one month journey will take you to four of the most amazing and pristine places that exist on the earth. Lake Titicaca, the Apolobamba mountains, The Tropical Andes and the Alto Madidi, this latter is the most biodiverse hotspot in the Amazon.

This is no touristy trip, it is one of the most profound travel experiences that could have come together. The Journey is composed of four main activities:

ANDEAN PHILOSOPHY WORKSHOP AND RETREAT IN LAKE TITICACA – The first four days of the journey will allow the group to rest and acclimate to the high altitude in a Ecolodge located in an undisturbed ancestral village next to Lake Titicaca. In the middle of this village lies an Inca fountain, surrounded by grassy terraces and a view of the lake. It is here where Julian Katari will impart a simple introduction to Andean worldview and philosophy,  taking you one step closer to a philosophy and spirituality that is balanced and deeply rooted in nature.

KALLAWAYA DEEP HEALING- Next up is a 6 day journey to the remote and unknown Apolobamba mountain range, where small stone and adobe villages of the legendary Kallawaya shamanic culture are nestled amongst impressive Andean ravines that cling to glaciated summits. Guided by a Kallawaya healer, this is an amazing opportunity to encounter Andean culture and landscape up close and to take part in rituals and therapies that allow spiritual cleansing and physical healing.

VOLUNTEERING WITH WILDLIFE AT LA SENDA VERDE- A unique 10 day program will take the group to La Senda Verde where special information about the 60 existing species need to be retrieved, including taking prints of 60 different animals. An amazing opportunity to get to know what wildlife in the Andes and Amazon is all about.

ALTO MADIDI EXPERIENTIAL RETREAT- A 15 day trek and raft descent down the Alto Madidi river inside Madidi National Park. This is the best place to encounter wildlife in their natural state and this amount of days allows that to actually happen. It is here where people get to observe wildlife such as jaguars, tapirs, giant river otters, monkeys, birds and much more. This is one of the most deep and pristine places you can find in the Amazon, and this journey allows you to actually experience it.

The journey allows for other activities, day tours and extreme sport activites to be included. It is only or a small group of people, so if you’re interested, book as soon as possible.




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