Kantutani delivers new aviary

Kantutani delivers new aviary
Kantutani delivers new aviary

Following up on the news story published on March 27th, where we mentioned that Kantutani was building a new aviary, we now announce that the raw structure of the aviary is now finished and has been officially delivered by the Bolivian foundation.

The aviary however is not furnished yet, we need to build water delivery systems, homes for the birds, roofs and feeding spots. We need to find resources for these things, for which me may go in campaign soon to crowdfund those resources.

We won’t be able to wait for the new aviary to be furnished to move in many of the new birds. The quarantine area is filled with more than 45 new birds and they urgently need a new space to move into. In addition to these birds we need to also release in the new aviary all of the other small parrots that were living in small enclosures.

The first phase of the aviary will be used for the large birds like macaws, while the other phase will be used for the small parrots. We would like to officially thank Kantutani for their constant support and for the donation of this, one of the largest and most costly infrastructures at La Senda Verde, which was financed solely by them. Also we would like to ask support from our audience to raise funds for the furnishing of this new aviary.

The image is the same as the article in march when the aviary was being built. We will update with a new image as soon as we can get one from LSV.


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