Mijungla enclosure

Mijungla enclosure
Mijungla enclosure

Hello, I’m Mijungla, a Jaguar from the amazon rainforest of Bolivia. I arrived to La Senda Verde on December 2018. I was 3 months old. A family of great heart found me agonising in the forest, very weak, with wounds in my head and body, without strength and with skin parasites. I was scared, alone, hunters killed my mother. The family saved me, healed me and fed me for three weeks.

At La Senda Verde I was interned at the clinic. Since then, even after all the trauma,I have recovered noticeably, recuperated my strength and I’m growing rapidly.

I am ready to move to an enclosure of my own. I still need  $us 8,940 to build this new feline enclosure, in a quiet place, with lots of greenery and a clear water stream.

Your support will make my eyes shine and make a huge difference!


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