My Bird Wife by Adam Castling

My Bird Wife by Adam Castling
My Bird Wife by Adam Castling

So whilst at La Senda Verde, I got told to keep an eye out for the troublesome, grumpy, swooping macaws, who were very territorial and were happy to let you know about that. Now a lot of people weren’t too keen on looking after the birds and for me I quite enjoyed it, as I am an all round animal lover and feel that they should all be given the same appreciation, regardless of their constant noise and resilience for your attention.

The free roaming Macaws at the time were mainly perched around the shower area, recreational area and cabins. Which meant in essence you could never escape their swooping presence and constant effort to drive you away from their patch. I gave the Macaws their space as duly advised and thought not much point going against the grain and natural order of things.

One day whilst I was looking after the turtles, one of the Macaws was resilient in pursuing me around the enclosures and I just thought it was yet again another case of Macaw territorial-ness and he/she was stating their claim and letting me know they were there. However it started edging on the side of harassment, so I decided to stand my ground a little and see if the harassment was actually more inquisitive-ness and he/she was merely intrigued as to what this lumbering thing was doing distributing food with little regard to protecting it.

As it turned out, the Macaw was very intrigued and contrary to belief was actually also very placid and friendly. Which started off as me simply hand feeding he/she almost on a daily whilst I was in the turtle enclosure, to the standard swooping turning into an attempt at landing on me!! I therefore decided to offer out a landing platform for and would you know it, he/she stuck the landing and found a lovely perch on my shoulder, until they had enough obviously and got bored. This happened a few times and it seemed he/she was now quite fond of their new perch, which I thought nothing of and was quite thrilled to get up close with a Macaw to debug the stigma and obviously pretend I was a pirate in the process.

That was all fine until I learnt that Macaws mate for life and it was possible that he/she had potentially fell in love and I was now un-intentionally married, whether I liked it or not. Which meant not only did I leave La Senda Verde with lasting memories that will always stay with me and stories that I can always share with others to spread the news about the centre, but I also now have a Bolivian wife or husband!

Bird Wife


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