Roof for Ajayu

Roof for Ajayu
Roof for Ajayu

The spider monkeys have noticed that Ajayu is blind. As it is their nature with weak animals, they are entering his enclosure, stealing his food and bullying him. We cannot allow this. The only solution is to urgently seal Ajayu’s enclosure, which means building a large mesh roof. You can make a difference in Ajayu’s life!

Total funds required: $8,333 USD
Total funds required: $8,333 USD



About Ajayu

Ajayu was saved by the police in Cochabamba from being brutally beaten to death by a local nearby community in 2016. He arrived to La Paz and La Senda Verde took care of his treatments. He received several surgeries, one to save his left eye and one to save his jaw from a severe infection. He stopped eating for days and had to be force fed. It was quite a struggle to save him, but with time he got better and is now weighing 100 kilograms.

As a result from this brutal story is that LSV has become more involved in trying to change legislation in Bolivia to protect this species and avoid stories like this one from happening again. We are now working alongside biologist Ximena Vélez-Liendo to present a law project that will be called the Ajayu law, named after this bear. Ajayu means spirit in Aymara language.


Videos with Ajayu’s story

Rescue in the Andes – Chapter 1 Ajayu’s story

Ajayu’s story as told by himself


The Project

Sealing the upper side of Ajayu’s enclosure, the “roof”, would solve the problem of the monkeys entering and stealing his food. We have calculated it to be 4 meters high and have an area of 150m2. The materials used will be galvanized steel mesh and galvanized aluminum poles. The costs of the materials is 31,000 BOB and the labor will cost 26,000 BOB making a total cost of 57,000 BOB or USD $8,333


The new roof


Size: 150 m2

Materials: $4,532

Labor: $3,801

Total: $8,333








♥ Monica Soliz $29

♥ Jessica Yanos $73

♥ Adrian Ramírez Villegas $73

♥ Patricia Meriles $50 

♥ Finchen Retterbush 

♥ Kathe Kohler 

♥ Marco Escalier $25

♥ Ulyana $25

♥ Carla Mier $16 – Thank you for doing what you do. Love and hugs for Ajayu

♥ Colegio San Ignacio $164

♥ Colegio Utasawa $156

♥ Mary Rankin $2,260

♥ Caroline Weber $1,000

♥ Garry Peacher $25

♥ Edgar Bautista $100

♥ Wara $25