Tarkus enclosure

Tarkus enclosure
Tarkus enclosure

The Story of Tarkus

Tarkus arrived when being a very little cub. When he did we campaigned for a management enclosure and were able to built it fast. However, male bears are big and grow fast, and Tarkus is practically an juvenile. He will need a electric fence like Aruma’s and Tipnis’s, which allow them to have a vast area of natural space.

The Project

The area designated for Tarkus will be 600 to 800 square meters. The total cost of the project is of $10,000 USD. To support the TARKUS ENCLOSURE campaign in its launch date, a group of Bolivian developers created a video game called JUKUMARI, which won the Eduardo Abaroa prize in 2016 and is published by the company VReality SRL. You may download freely this video game in the provided link.



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