The Call

The Call
The Call


Only your kind generosity can save us!

We need your help to save the lives of 826 animals and continue to give them all the support they need over the coming months.

Coronavirus is changing planet Earth in ways we could never imagine, and the innocent animals in our care are sadly suffering too.

Our animal care staff are pushed to their limits and yet still more animals arrive needing our help. Our veterinary supplies are diminishing and our food provisions are becoming scarcer, our needs and necessities are growing more desperate every day.

All funds raised go directly to our animals, ensuring they are given treatment when sick, fed nutritious food, kept warm, comfortable and healthy. They will also help us prepare for the rescues to come, ensuring we can keep running our rehabilitation programs on behalf of those in desperate need.

Each and every donation goes a long way to ensure that we can continue to offer the support we need for our animals and help us fulfill our mission to give rescued animals a life truly worth living.

This global crisis allows an opportunity for us humans to re-think our actions to future benefit the planet and re-start “for a new beginning.” Let this give us hope.

For more information please contact us at or at +591 74722825

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