Three fundraiser events, two for Ajayu

Three fundraiser events, two for Ajayu
Three fundraiser events, two for Ajayu

Three fundraisers will be benefiting the animal refuge, two of them will support the Roof for Ajayu project, with the hopes of completing the funds necessary to provide this blind bear a better quality of life.

The first one was a facebook birthday fundraiser that took place June 7th and was organised by Rosie Walker on her birthday. The goal was set at 500 British pounds and the goal was successfully achieved. After the event, Rosie notified us with this message:

“Dear Vicky and Marcelo,
Just a quick message to let you know- we raised £500 for my birthday for you!!! 😁😁😁
I will tag you on the page if that’s ok- if u scroll to the bottom it shows you all the people who donated. (1person donates ANOTHER £30 to help me reach my target- im so grateful 💙)
I’m so happy- this is the best present I’ve had in years!!
Sending lots of lots of love to you all xxx”

Big hearted people are not thinking about receiving something for their birthday, rather, as Rosie did, using the attention the day gives you to help others. It is not the first time someone does this to support the animals at LSV, and we encourage our audience, ex-volunteers and visitors to use the facebook fundraiser platform to do this great act of giving. Check out her campaign here: Rosie’s birthday campaign. The funds of this fundraiser will be used for a Capuchin project that is being developed.

The second fundraiser will take place on July 22 and is being organised by Eternal Tattoo shop in La Paz Bolivia. As they did with a previous campaign, they will be offering tattoos to 10 people on this day and the funds raised will be donated to Ajayu’s campaign. The Event is called JUKUMARI SOUL, Jukumari is the local Andean name given to spectacled bears. We feel so blessed by the support of Eternal Tattoo.

The third event is also a Tattoo event, this time organized by Love and Hate Tattoo Parlour in the city of Cochabamba. Their event will consist on bringing tattoo artists from around the world to inaugurate the newly remodelled shop in Cochabamba. The event will take place the 28, 29, and 30th of July and is called Flash Weekend Por Nuestros Animalitos or “Flash Weekend for our animals” The funds raised will go to Ajayu’s roof project as well as rescued dogs in the Refugio Esperanza pet refuge.

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