Tiger Cat Enclosure

Tiger Cat Enclosure
Tiger Cat Enclosure

In mid 2018 a baby Tiger Cat (Leopardus tigrinus) arrived to La Senda Verde. We had no space for new felines so we decided to build a whole new enclosure for him. The enclosure was finished in November 2018 and Tigrinus was released in is new enclosure on Sunday,  November the 4th. The cost of the enclosure was financed by Fundación Kantutani and by La Senda Verde.

Total funds used: $6,120 USD
Total funds used: $6,120 USD

The Story

La Senda Verde is an animal refuge with not much free space. For this reason we normally don’t accept felines because of their large size and space requirements. However wildlife trafficking is intense in Bolivia and victims have nowehere to go, we had to make an exception. Tigrinus came in on April 2018 when we begun the enclosure project. Take a look at the initial report in this link: Among continuing rains, critical new arrivals 

The project

Thanks to the support of Fundacion Kantutani we were able to get on with the construction of his enclosure right away. By mid october the main structure was finished and we went on adding the new mesh. You may read another article with a report about it: New enclosures are almost ready




Main enclosure: L) 6m W) 6m H) 6m

Management area: L)3m W) 3m H) 3m

Budget: $6,120






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