X-Ray Machine

X-Ray Machine
X-Ray Machine

All of the animals at La Senda Verde could eventually need x-rays. For years we’ve been travelling to La Paz to have this diagnostic done to hurt animals, with great expenses involved. Having an x-ray machine at the refuge would mean a difference to us. Please help us make it happen!

Total funds needed: $17,500 USD
Total funds needed: $17,500 USD

The Story

La Senda Verde Animal Refuge has currently 780 wild animals rescued from wildlife trafficking, between birds, mammals and reptiles. All of them could eventually need an x-ray, as well as newly arrived animals. Turtles when kept captive can no longer lay eggs, and x-rays are crucial for saving their lives. Birds get many broken wings and monkeys arrive with broken limbs and fingers, because of their traumatic past.

Giving an x-ray to an animal in need currently is a huge expense for the animal refuge, it means travelling to the city of La Paz and paying for travel expenses. One of the greatest goals we’ve ever had is having our own x-ray equipment at the refuge, which would greatly improve the lives of many animals and reduce the expenses for the refuge. Having this equipment literally means saving lives.

The project

We’ve been given a special price by MackMin Respresentaciones SRL in Bolivia for a portable x-ray equipment for $17,500 american dollars. Supporting a grassroots organisation like ours means that your donation has a 100% impact. Every dollar donated will go straight into buying this piece of equipment.



  • Chuck McKinney- In support of your great cause!
  • Simon Bell-  Buena suerte amigos!
  • Mark Wilbanks- thanks for the great work
  • Telma Nichols- I will support La Senda Verde. I truly believe in this cause.
  • Derrick Meyer
  • Joseph Gillan
  • Shawna Bonnett- One of the most magical and amazingly run animal rescues I’ve ever seen!
  • Jon Derksen- La Senda is ALWAYS a worthy cause!
  • Nicole Barragan
  • Sarah Carr- What an easy way to donate! Great idea.
  • Olivia
  • Shirley Burt
  • Corinna Smith- thinking of you all with much love, hoping these small amounts will add up to a big impact!
  • Mercedes Villagomez
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Carolina Williams- Para mis ‘hermanos’ en la Senda Verde
  • Anonymous

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